Steve Flanagan

We’ve loved I’ve Arrived ever since we first heard it.  We also love researching the artists and songs we release to provide a more rounded appreciation of the sounds we deliver.  We’re sad to say that on this occasion we can’t offer very much.

Jewel Akens first recorded I’ve Arrived in 1965 for the ERA label. It was released as the B side to You Don’t Need A Crown.  Steve Flanagan’s version came two years later in 1967 on the same label but once again it was only judged good enough to be a B side.

The Era label ran from 1955 until 1970 and its back catalogue carries one or two other choice releases that have become very sought after.

For Steve Flanagan the best we can do at this time is provide a whole bunch of questions. Is he the same Steve Flanagan who sang with Creative Source and is credited on various sites as having been a part-time actor ?

Creative Source were formed in 1973 by Ron Townson looking to emulate the considerable success of other male / female groups like The Fifth Dimension and The Friends Of Distinction.

One source states that after Creative Source disbanded Steve Flanagan ‘relocated to the Netherlands,’ a popular destination for many jazz and soul artists throughout the 70s and 80s.

A Steve Flanagan also appears duetting with Yvonne Keeley and releasing records as a solo artist for Legion Records in the late 70s. After that the trail goes cold. Are these Steve Flanagans all the same Steve Flanagan or are our wires crossed ?

Spoke Records had ten test pressings done for this release and we have one remaining.

We’ll happily post it free of charge anywhere in the world to anyone who can furnish us with more solid information about Steve Flanagan or better still, details of where we could contact him.