Standard Music Library

Spoke Records Library EP

Spoke Records are proud to release this 4-track 7” EP on the 50th anniversary of one of the most loved UK library labels, Standard Music Library.

The company was formed as a collaboration between London Weekend Television (the ITV franchise for Greater London and Home Counties) and Bucks Music Group. The founding year was 1968 and coincidentally, Standard released 68 LPs before transferring product to digital formats. The extremely rare ‘Textures’ album by Brian Eno was the final vinyl release appearing in 1989.


It would be a huge disservice not to mention Harry Rabinowitz and Midas Touch when discussing this label. Harry Rabinowitz was integral to everything SML related. Conductor, arranger, composer and musician, Harry moved to the UK from Johannesburg, South Africa in 1946 at the age of 30. By 1968 he was Head of Music at LWT and a prime instigator for SML. He found wider fame conducting numerous scores for blockbuster movies including ‘Hanover Street’, ‘Chariots Of Fire’, ‘The English Patient’ and ‘The Talented Mr Ripley’. In 1977 he was awarded the MBE for services to the music industry. Harry played the piano every day until his passing in 2016 at the grand age of 100.

Midas Touch were pretty much the Standard house/studio band appearing on many recordings throughout the catalogue, also appearing on other library labels like Peer, JW, Programme and the obscure Music Masters owned Oak label. The core members were Harry Rabinowitz, Dave Richmond, Martin Kershaw and Harold Fisher.

o DAD’S A PEREGRINATOR – The sleeve notes describe this as a medium tempo ‘Shaft’ style theme but as the wordplay title suggests, this recording owes more to ‘Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone’. It found certain notoriety by appearing in the cult soft porn movie ‘Debbie Does Dallas’ alongside a few more tracks from ESL 128.

o HEAVY CONVOY – This heavy driving percussive piece is a fine example of how Midas Touch adapted to the demands of rock requirements towards the end of the decade.


As the heading suggests, this side revolves around music industry maverick Brian Keith Flowers AKA Herbie Flowers. Herbie found wide acclaim in the supergroups Blue Mink, Sky, CCS, T.Rex and also provided his services to the likes of David Bowie, Elton John, Harry Nilsson and Lou Reed (perhaps Herbie’s most memorable bass-line in pop culture is the opening bars to ‘Walk On The Wild Side’). A firm believer of being paid fairly for a day’s work and being publicly critical of the royalties system, the work of a jobbing sessionist fitted perfectly with such a mindset and his work can be found spread across many library houses. Best known for his original bass and double-bass workouts, Herbie is also a master of the tuba.

o EVIL FLOWER – Perhaps the most in-demand track on the label, this recording contains some of the wildest and most demented fuzz ever to be pressed onto vinyl.

o HARRY WHO? – With a title no doubt attributed to Harry Rabinowitz, this interesting groovy organ based recording sports quirky sound effects and sounds very similar to ‘Dum-Dum’ era John Fiddy.

With thanks to John Wraight, Library Manager, Standard Music Library.

ESL 101 French Music / Dance Music

ESL 102 Indian Music / Indian Music

ESL 103 Solo Guitar / Solo Guitar

ESL 104 Electronic / Electronic

ESL 105 Comedy / Children / Light Activity / Travel

ESL 106 Romantic / Nostalgic ESL 107 Dramatic / Eerie / Mysterious / Light / Heavy

ESL 108 Dramatic-Light / Heavy / Mysterious / Industrial

ESL 109 Dance & Jazz / Activity / Travel

ESL 110 Links & Bridges / Openings, Closings & Fanfares

ESL 111 Links & Bridges / Openings, Closings, Links & Bridges

ESL 112 National Balkan Ensemble / Comedy Links & Bridges

ESL 113 Activity / Travel

ESL 114 Romantic / Nostalgic / Sad / Comedy / Children

ESL 115 Activity / Travel ESL 116 Percussion

ESL 117 Guitar Music / Organ & Rhythm

ESL 118 Pop / Rock Sounds / Multi-Keyboard Sounds

ESL 119 Guitar / Small Group

ESL 120 Comedy / Romantic / Nostalgic / Sad

ESL 121 Period / Pastoral / Solo Instruments / Moog / Dramatic

ESL 122 Moog / Activity / Travel

ESL 123 Small Group Pop

ESL 124 Eastern Music / Activity / Travel

ESL 125 Christmas General / Christmas Traditional

ESL 126 Activity / Travel / Dramatic

ESL 127 Electronic Music

ESL 128 Heavy Group Activity / Light Group Activity

ESL 129 Small Group Pop / National / Solo Instruments

ESL 130 Brass Bands / Wind Bands / National / Dramatic

ESL 131 Activity / Travel / Comedy / Dance

ESL 132 Romantic Pastoral / Links & Bridges

ESL 133 Encore Electronic

ESL 134 Activity / Travel / Dramatic

ESL 135 Romantic / Activity / Music Box

ESL 136 Kaleidoscope Of Sounds

ESL 137 Mediaeval / Dramatic

ESL 138 Light & Bright

ESL 139 Tingling Jingles / Pop Pulsations

ESL 140 Twelve Great International Hits

ESL 141 Reflections Of A Romance

ESL 142 Dramatic

ESL 143 Pop Pulsations II

ESL 144 M.O.R. ESL 145 Fun & Games

ESL 146 Guitars

ESL 147 Nice ‘n’ Easy ESL

ESL 148 Industrial

ESL 149 Pastoral

ESL 150 Classical Piano

ESL 151 1900-1940 Four Decades Of Light Music

ESL 152 Activity

ESL 153 Through The Eyes Of A Tourist

ESL 154 Strings & Things

ESL 155 Scenic Thoughts

ESL 156 Contemporary Themes

ESL 157 Brass Band Music

ESL 158 Piano Music / Romantic / Pastoral

ESL 159 Contemporary Themes

ESL 160 Light & Bright

ESL 161 Christmas Spirit

ESL 162 Exotica

ESL 163 Links & Stings

ESL 164 Action

ESL 165 Scenes & Sentiments

ESL 166 Just For Fun

ESL 167 Mysterioso

ESL 168 Textures