Smoke – Release SPK 1406/07

Smoke – Dreams of Dreams/Happening Man

Spoke Records are delighted to reissue this 1970 psych gem from Bury St Edmunds band Smoke. Popsike lists the last two original copies of Dreams of Dreams on the Revolution label sold for £526.00 and £678.77 in 2013 and 2014 respectively but no psych fan need mourn missing out on either of those poorly edited releases now.

Did we say ‘poorly edited’? Yes we did. This reissue 45 for your play-out box is crisply remastered from original actetate and restores a blistering last verse that hasn’t been heard since 1970 when Revolution unwisely removed it from the official release.

Smoke – My Birth/I'm Yours I'm Hers

Our first ever Spoke two-single set also includes B-side My Birth plus previously unreleased versions of Happening Man and I’m Yours I’m Hers, a heavy cover of a country rock track by recently departed Johnny Winter.

Both singles arrive wrapped in a 21 x 14 inch poster of Smoke (see the front ot it below) collaged with previously unseen photographs of the band in their 1970 heyday plus a Spoke Smoke sticker for your record box.

Smoke poster bag

Shindig! magazine subscribers can read all about Smoke’s life on the road and in the studio in Shindig! Issue 41 and discover why the Dreams of Dreams 45 still causes confusion in curatorial circles. Spoke readers can read all about it right now by clicking Spoke Trails on the menu or <<<here>>>


Smoke guitarists my birth

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