Craig Douglas – Don’t Mind If I Cry / Shirley Bates – Crimpton, Krompton, Canary Bridge


Side A

Craig Douglas – Don’t mind if I cry

In 1969 after a three year hiatus from releasing singles Craig Douglas resurfaced with ‘Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head’ for Pye Records.  One of the harder Pye 45’s to find ; did the misspelling of Craig as Graig on both sides of the single lead to some embarrassment at Pye HQ with quantities of the record being quietly disposed of?

Composed and arranged by J A Freedman and produced by Tony Hatch using session players which included Herbie Flowers, Don Lusher and Kenny Clare; this majestic beat ballad went unnoticed until some years later when DJ’s on the Northern Soul and Belgian Popcorn scenes adopted it as one of their own.


Side AA

Shirley Bates –  Crimpton,  Krompton,  Canary Bridge

In 1966 Shirley Bates was already a celebrated country singer named ‘The Sweet Heart Of The Country Barndance’ performing live on both the number one US radio show ‘Country Barndance’ and the television show which followed it.Around the same time Winona ‘Nona’ Oliver, an accomplished trick cyclist and songwriter was travelling through America as part of the Diacoff Velodrome Bicycle act with her mother and sister performing at Vaudeville shows.  A chance meeting of Shirley, Winona and Elvis Presley’s backing band in a recording studio; featuring James Burton on lead guitar at the peak of his power; resulted in this furious Femme Rockabilly / R&B revenge murder ballad.


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