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‘I’ve been buying records since I was four years old beginning with January by Pilot in 1975.  In 1985, somewhat older but not much wiser I started making music out of other people’s music with 1/4″ tape loops, cassette recorder pause buttons and an Atari 800 based sampler.  This coincided […]

Trails 1305 Soundhog: AKA Ben Hayes

Smoke drummer
As the 1970 acetate labelled Dream of Dreams proves, the Revolution label added an extra ‘s’ to the official release pluralising it to ‘Dreams of Dreams,’ but that mistake has never bothered heavy psych record collectors.  Popsike lists copies sold for £526.00 and £678.77 in 2013 and 2014 respectively, but […]

Trails 1406/07 Dreams of Dreams: The Smoke Story

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A Musical Inheritance Roland Kluger (pictured left) admits to being fascinated by the range of musical experiences his father Jacques managed to cram into his short lifetime.  His father’s biography at the bottom of this page is well worth reading, revealing musical collaborations and associations with a host of renowned jazz, easy […]

Trails 1508 Roland Kluger & RKM Music Library