The cover art from a selection of Waxidermy Swap Cds 2009 The cover art from a selection of Vinyl Vulture Swap Cds 2006 Music Forum Swap Cds Internet music forums have changed dramatically. Ten years ago forum members were limited to sharing enthusiasm for music by describing them through typed […]

Music Forum Swap CDs

lady j cd front
Spoke Records first heard Sylvan - We Dont Belong on a Vinyl Vulture Swap CD in 2006. The CD in question was compiled by Lady J who was a regular contributor to the old Vinyl Vulture forum and still makes occasional contributions to the VG+ music forum which replaced it. In the real world […]

Lady J / Jeanette Leech

The story behind this somewhat different Spoke release begins approximately fifteen years ago when Col obtained two boxes of acetates and reel-to-reel tapes at a Chelmsford auction house.  Being unlabelled and having no means to play them, they were stored away for a good few years until a fellow vinyl nerd who also happened to be […]

Acetates and Reel-To-Reels